Configuring a Grandstream GXP 2140 with a VoIPOffice extension

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The following guide is for configuring a Grandstream GXP 2140 with a VoIPOffice extension.

You will need:

  • The VoIPOffice IP address – e.g. ""
  • The Extension number – e.g. "1001"
  • The extension password/Secret (can be found by going to the edit mode of that specific extension, see the screenshot below)

1) Connect the handset and the computer to the same network using an Ethernet cable.

2) Find the IP address of the handset by pressing the ‘OK’ button, then enter that IP address into the address bar of the connected computer; the following login screen should appear:

3) Enter the username and password which are both ‘admin’ (case sensitive) by default.

4) Once logged in, the following page should load. Note that, initially, all SIP registrations will read ‘NO’ in a red bar as none have been configured or activated yet:

5) Hover the mouse over the ‘Accounts’ tab and choose any empty account, this being account 1 for new users. Click directly on the chosen account to open configuration screen:

6)  Enter the following details:

  • Account Active: Switch to ‘yes’ to activate the account
  • Account Name: Enter extension number
  • SIP Server: Enter the IP address of the VoIPOffice account
  • Secondary SIP server: Leave as blank
  • Outbound proxy: Leave as blank
  • BLF server: Leave as blank
  • SIP User ID: Enter extension number
  • Authenticate ID: Enter extension number
  • Authenticate password: Enter extension password (secret)
  • Name: Enter extension number
  • Voice mail userID: Leave as blank
  • Show account name only: Leave as ‘No’

7) Once the configuration settings are entered press the ‘Save and Apply’ button. If your configuration is successful, your account will register as a ‘YES’ in a green bar under the ‘Account Status’ tab.



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