Configuring a Draytek Vigor IPPBX with a VoIPtalk SIP trunk.

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The following guide is for configuring a Draytek Vigor IPPBX with a VoIPtalk SIP trunk.

You will need:

  • The VoIPtalk ID – You can find it by logging to your VoIPtalk panel via the website
  • The VoIPtalk password – You can find it by clicking on the VoIPtalk Id in your VoIPtalk control panel.
  • The login details (username and password) for the configuration web interface of your Draytek IPPBX (to log into the router, type in the Router's IP address into the address bar of your web browser. Enter the login details when prompted)

Please note that the screenshots below were taken from a Draytek Vigor 3510, however these instructions should still correspond to later models.

In the left side menu, select "IPPBX" > "Line setting" and select "SIP Trunk"


From the Trunk list that will appear, select "1"


Enter the following information into the Index form

Profile Name: your VoIPtalk ID (this is the 844XXXXXX number that can be found in the "My Account" section when you log into your VoIPtalk control panel)

Register via: Auto


Proxy: (If your Draytek router is behind another router, please substitute this for "")

Proxy port: 5060

Display name: your VoIPtalk ID

Account Number/Name: Your VoIPtalk ID

Authentication ID: Your VoIPtalk ID

Password: Your VoIPtalk ID password (please note that this is not the password to log to your VoIPtalk control panel. You can find the correct password by clicking on the correct VoIPtalk Id found after logging to your VoIPtalk control panel)

Expiry time: Leave as default

When the details have been entered, click "OK." If entered correctly, it should look like the picture below:


The screen will return to the trunk list. If the details are correct and the account has registered successfully, there should be an "R" in the status below. It should look something like the picture below.


If there is a "-" in the status, it means the account has not registered. There is sometimes a short delay, so click "Refresh" to update the settings.

If there is no change, there may be an error in the configuration. Click the Index number again and check the details.

If the account is still not registering, please contact support.


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