Configuring a TP Link Router with a VoIPtalk SIP trunk.

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The following guide is for configuring a TP Link router with a VoIPtalk SIP trunk.

You will need:

  • The VoIPtalk ID – You can find it by logging to your VoIPtalk panel via the website
  • The VoIPtalk password – You can find it by clicking on the VoIPtalk Id in your VoIPtalk control panel.
  • The login details (username and password) for the configuration web interface of your TP Link router (to log into the router, type in the Router's IP address into the address bar of your web browser. Enter the login details when prompted)

Please note that the screenshots below were taken from a TD-VG3631 TP-Link router, but the information given should correspond to most VoIP-enabled TP-Link routers.

1) Connect an analogue handset to one of the router's FXS ports. Using the router's instruction manual log into the TP-Link router.

2) From the left side menu, select Voice --> SIP Account. In the SIP Account list, click "Add".

3) Fill in the form using the following details:

Profile Name: Your VoIPtalk ID (this is the 844XXXXXX number that can be found in the "My Account" section when you log into your VoIPtalk control panel)

Display Name: Any name you want

Authentication ID: Your VoIPtalk ID

Registrar Address:

SIP proxy:

Outbound Proxy:

Phone number: Your VoIPtalk ID 

Authentication Realm:

Password: Your VoIPtalk ID password (please note that this is not the password to log to your VoIPtalk control panel. You can find the correct password by clicking on the correct VoIPtalk ID found after logging to your VoIPtalk control panel)

Registrar Port: 5060

Sip Proxy Port: 5060

Outbound Proxy port: 5065

Make sure "Register via Outbound proxy" is checked.

4) If you have done everything correctly, the SIP account details should resemble the picture below;


5) Click "Save" to register the account. To test if the account is registering, from the connected phone, dial 902. If the account is registered, you should hear a confirmation message.


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