How to enable calls to the Emergency Services numbers 999 and 112

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Telappliant recommend that, where appropriate, you enable the ability to call the emergency services through your VoIP service. Access is provided for both 999 and 112 and customers can submit their location information also so that the emergency operation has them available in case you or someone else using your phone are unable to provide accurate information at the time. All Emergency Services calls are free of charge.

This article explains how to set up emergency settings for your Account. You may have multiple SIP IDs (sometimes known as VoIPtalk IDs or trunk IDs) associated with your account but the same details will be applied to each.  

To aid in the routing of the call and in the dispatch of emergency services, it is strongly recommended that details are only submitted using a UK geographical number. 

If you do not have an Incoming Number associated with your account, please contact Telappliant to discuss your requirement further. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Emergency calls may fail if you have a power cut or your broadband connection fails. It is always best to have a second means of contacting the Emergency Services such as a mobile phone.


To complete this task you will need access to your VoIPtalk Portal. You will need to know the email address and web login password in order to log on.

To enable emergency call access

  1. Navigate to using your internet browser and click the green Login button on the right of the grey menu bar at the top. Enter the email address that is registered with your account and the web login password. Click the green Sign In button

  2. Once logged in to your Account scroll past the VoIP Accounts list until you reach the "My Account" section. Click on "Manage Your calls to the Emergency Services"

  3. Under “Manage Emergency Number Access” select the Incoming Number that you would like to present as your caller identity for calls to the Emergency Services.

  4. Now fill the details requested. Either provide a company name and type,

    or provide details for an individual

  5. Enter the post code and press the "Search for address..." button.

  6. If the Post Code is found in database then select the applicable address from the list provided.

  7. Make any modifications to the address if needed but it is possible that changing these details may result in the data failing to upload.
  8. Once you have read the "Emergency Service Terms and Conditions", tick the box “Agree to proceed” and then on green Continue button to complete the process.

Processing of Emergency Services data

Once you have submitted the data, the page will update to show the current status of the submission. It can take up to 48 hours to accept the emergency settings. Only when the status changes will you be able to make calls to the Emergency Services. 


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