Use an ftp client to copy call recordings to local disk (only available for users with ftp access)

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An ftp client is a software which uses the FTP protocol to provide a dual-direction transfer of files between a host computer and a remote server.

FileZilla which is one of the most popular free ftp client, will be used here to demonstrate the transfer of call recordings from your ftp server to your local computer. We will use the Windows version.


To complete this task you will need the following:

  • The url of your ftp server
  • The ftp server's username and password
  • An ftp client. Go to, download and install the client.

How to use Filezilla

  1. Login to your ftp server, enter the host, the username, the password and click on Quickconnect. You will get a "Login successful" response and status "Connected" if your details are correct.
  2. By default, on the right side, you should see the files and folders of your remote server and on the left side your local computer. The top area on both side only shows folders and the bottom area shows folders and files. You can drag and drop files or folders in both directions (remote site to local site and vice-versa if you have the right permission).

In this example, the call recordings of the 05/12/2014 have been selected on the bottom right. Drag the file(s) you want to copy to the the bottom left in the location you want to copy them to.


If the server close the ftp connection, re-click on Quickconnect, you will have to re-enter the password with the option to remember the password until FileZilla is closed.




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