Enabling voicemail for an end-customer on a SIP trunk

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As a Telappliant wholesaler you have the ability to enable a voicemail service for you end customers. The voicemail will be used when the SIP ID or trunk is not registered or the call is not answered by a device managed by the end customer. 


To complete this task you will need access to the Wholesale Portal. You will also need the following:

  • Your Log in details for the Wholesale Portal
  • SIP ID of your end customer
  • An email address for the end customer where they would like to receive the voicemail notification with the voice attachment

Enabling Voicemail

To enable voicemail for a SIP ID please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to https://wapi.breathecall.com/portal using your internet browser and enter your username and password to login.
  2. Once logged in, click on "Accounts" on the menu bar at the top.
  3. Enter the SIP ID of the end customer in the Query field and click the Search button.
  4. From the resultant list, click on the View/Edit button.
  5. From the menu on the left, click the 'Voicemail" link.
  6. Enter the email address to send voicemail notifications to in the email field and click the Submit button.

Once the voicemail has been activated, the webpage changes as per the screenshot below allowing for the password to be updated. By default the password for the voicemail is the same as the SIP password. It is recommended that you change this.

Note: The new password should contain only numeric values thus allowing it to be entered via a telephone keypad. 


You can test voicemail by calling an incoming number that is associated with the SIP ID and allowing it to ring until it covers to voicemail.

To retrieve the test message, dial 9200 from a phone device that is registered to the SIP ID and enter the authentication details, including the password set above, when requested.

Note: Voicemails older than 14 will be automatically deleted. It is not possible to amend this setting.
Note: The minimum length of any voicemail message is 3 seconds. Any message shorter than this will not be delivered. It is not possible to amend this setting.


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