How to Configure a Yealink Phone to VoIPOffice

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This guide will show you how to configure a Yealink phone to VoIPOffice. A Yealink T46G is used to demonstrate the process, however the same instructions apply to configure all phones in the Yealink range.

  1. Open your VoIPOffice Welcome Pack, as this contains the Extension details, which you need to configure your phone. The extension details include:

    1) Your VoIPOffice IP Address, for example:
    2) Your Extension Number, for example: 1001
    3) Your Extension Password (Secret), for example: Tuq*68beKg-V7_4*

    The details used for examples are not valid, please do not attempt to use them.

  2. Plug your phone and computer into the same network.

  3. Press the "OK" (middle) button. Take note of the phone's IP address:

  4. Enter the phone's IP address into a web browser. You'll see the login page.

  5. Enter the default username/password shown below and then click "Confirm".

    Username: admin
    Password: admin

    Now you'll see the phone's status page.

  6. Click on the "Account" tab.

  7. For "Line Active" select "Enabled".

    For "Label", "Display Name", "Register Name", and "User Name" enter your extension number.

    For "Password" enter your extension password (secret).

    Under "SIP Server 1" for "Server Host" enter your VoIPOffice IP Address.

    Ensure "Outbound Proxy Server" is blank and then set "Enable Outbound Proxy Server" to "Disabled".

    Note: Please do not use the example settings in the image below.

  8. Click on the "Confirm" button.

  9. Check the status page and you should see "Registered".

    You can also check to see if your extension is online in the "Monitor" section of your VoIPOffice.

    If you see registered and online, then you have successfully registered your phone to VoIPOffice.
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