How to Setup SugarCRM Integration with VoIPOffice and Communicator

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This guide will show you how to setup SugarCRM Integration with VoIPOffice and Communicator. Both VoIPOffice and Communicator are required for integration.

Please note that SugarCRM Integration requires VoIPOffice Enterprise Edition Version 4 and Communicator Version 4 with SugarCRM "CRM Module" and "Call Popup Module".

What level of integration is available?

  • VoIPOffice Enterprise Features:
    • Click-To-Dial
    • Log Inbound Calls
    • Log Outbound Calls
    • Log Answered Calls
    • Log Unanswered Calls
    • Upload Call Recordings
  • Communicator "SugarCRM CRM Module" and "Call Popup Module" Features:
    • View Contacts within Communicator
    • See Contact Names with Numbers
    • Automatically Open Contact Page

VoIPOffice Configuration

For the VoIPOffice Settings you will need the following:

  • SugarCRM Version 6.5.X
  • API URL for example
  • Page URL for example

Replace with the actual URL of your CRM website.

  1. Login to your VoIPOffice web administration interface.
  2. Select Settings

  3. Select CRM Integration

  4. Under Integration Service

    For Enable Select Yes

    For Service Location Select Local

    For CRM Type Select SugarCRM

    For API URL Enter

    For Page URL Enter

    Under Log Options

    For Inbound Calls Select Yes

    For Outbound Calls Select Yes

    For Answered Calls Select Yes

    For Unanswered Calls Select Yes

    For Upload Recordings Select Yes

    Click Save

Communicator Configuration

For the Communicator Settings you will need the following:

  • Communicator Version 4
  • SugarCRM Account Username
  • SugarCRM Account Password

It is recommended to have the users put in their own SugarCRM login details. Therefore in SugarCRM the call logs and recordings will be from that user.

  1. Login to your Communicator Software.

  2. Select Tools Then Preferences

  3. Select CRM

  4. Under CRM

    Tick Option Enable CRM Integration

    Under Popup Options (this opens the contact page on SugarCRM)

    For Popup on Inbound Calls When Select I answer a call or I receive a call or Never

    For Popup on Outbound Calls When Select Never or Call is started or Call is answered

    Under Authentication

    For Username Enter SugarCRM Username

    For Password Enter SugarCRM Password

    For URL Enter Nothing (Leave Blank)

    Under Logging Options

    Tick Option Use Settings From Server

SugarCRM Configuration

The "SugarCRM Configuration" will enable you to use "Click-To-Dial".

You will need the "SugarCRM Connector". The SugarCRM Connector will be sent to you by our Provisioning Team after you have requested it from your Account Manager.

  1. Login as an admin to your SugarCRM.

  2. On the top right Select Admin

  3. On the bottom right Select Module Loader

  4. Browse to the ZIP File of the module and click Upload

  5. Click Install

  6. Click Commit

  7. The module is now installed

On your contacts page you will now see telephone icons beside numbers which you can simply click to start a call with using Communicator.

Screenshots of SugarCRM Integration

This screenshot shows the click to dial icons beside Phone Numbers.

This screenshot shows an example call log in SugarCRM.

This screenshot shows the call recording uploaded automatically in the notes section.

This screenshot shows the contacts of SugarCRM in Communicator.

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