Getting to know your Voiptalk Account: A brief tour around your voiptalk account page

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Setting up VOIP for the first time can be a daunting process if you have never used it before. This guide will help you learn about your account and the basic features it uses. First, lets take a look at your main Account page

 The top of the page contains your account ID, any incoming numbers associated with the account, and credit details. You can view your call records and Top up your account here. You can also select the number for routing or forwarding to different destinations, but we will cover this in another guide. Now lets look at the other options in more detail.


Manage your Calls to the emergency services.

In order to call 999 from your account, you will first need to add your address details. Click on this link, select the Caller Id, and fill in the address form. Please note, the Caller ID must be associated with your account and be a geographic number, so you cannot use non-geographic numbers such 08 or 09 numbers. The details usually take about 5-7 days to be accepted. Please also be aware that while 999 calls can be made, 101 or 111 calls do not currently work over VOIP.


Personalize My Accounts

Here you can assign a "Label" to different accounts, as well as assign a Caller ID. This is particularly useful if you have more than one SIP Account and need to identify them. Please note however you can only use number assigned to that account as the Caller ID


 Incoming Numbers

This is where you can manage your incoming numbers, including routing strings. This will be covered in another guide.


 Low Balance Alerts

Here you can configure alerts to be sent to you whenever your credit balance drops below a certain limit. This is useful if you need to keep a close watch on your credit.


Configure Call progress announcements

This feature allows to you do select if you wish to be alerted to failed calls, balance announcements (Which will tell you your current balance when you make a call), or low credit warnings (Which will let you know if your balance is low when you make a call.


Voicemail (Not always available on standard accounts)

This takes you to the Voicemail centre. Here you can enable, add or change the email alert address and voicemail PIN. We will cover this in more depth in another guide.


 Scheduled Dial plan (Only available on upgraded accounts)

This gives you more control over what happens to your calls when you are not available. We will cover this in more detail in another guide.


Master Account

Here you can set up and select Master and Slave accounts. A Slave account deducts call credit from the Master, so can be useful if you have a lot of accounts but only want to top up one. You can have as many master/slave accounts as you wish but remember to only top up the Masters, as any credit on the Slaves will not be used.


Send an SMS

You can use the credit on your accounts to send SMS messages.



 The blacklist gives you more control over  international calls. These are often expensive and so in order to control what countries can be dialed, or to prevent possible fraudulent calls, you can block or unblock calls to the listed countries. Please note that some destinations are still blocked by default so if they appear unblocked in the list, the call may still fail. If this occurs, contact support with the number and country you wish to contact.


The above gives you a brief description of your account features but most of them are also covered in more detail in separate guides, so if you need further help, check the rest of the Help Centre for more details.

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