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If you are using a basic SIP phone then it is likely you will not need to change the number routing. However more advanced SIP devices, such as a PBX, requires calls to be routed a particular way. This is so the "Call Invite," which "Delivers" incoming calls, can be received correctly by the SIP Device.

Number routing can also allow you to forward your number and set up fax to email, but we will cover this in more depth in another guide.


First, select the "Incoming numbers" link from the main account page

At the drop down menu, select the number you wish to change.

You will then see a screen that looks like this:


Go to "Select a configuration option" menu


Select the routing you wish to use. In most cases, if you are configuring the number for a Phone system, such as a PBX or IAX, the device's instructions will let you know what routing type you require.

Once you have selected the required routing and entered any required details, select "route" to complete.

Some PBXs will require you to enter the PBX IP address or DNS server. In this case, select Route to PBX.

If you are using the voipoffice hosted PBX, select "Route to Voipoffice".

Those with an IAX PBX should select "Route to my IAXy".

If you are routing to another VOIP provider, select "Route to External Provider." Please note that calls can only be routed to other VOIP Providers. The provider should also provide the address to route the number to.


Other Options

In addition to routing to SIP Devices, you can also route your number to use other features of your VOIP account.

Configure a caller ID: You can configure the number to be your outgoing caller ID.

Divert Number: If you wish to Divert your number to an external number. We will cover this and Advanced divert in another guide.

Advanced Divert: this is a scaled-down version of the Dial Plan. You can find more details in the Advanced Divert guide

Configure fax to email

You can receive faxes on your number and have them emailed to you. Select this option and enter your email address. Please note you cannot send faxes using this number, and you will no longer be able to receive "voice" calls.


If you have any questions concerning routing numbers, please contact Support.



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