How to Setup an Alert Profile on the Wholesale Portal

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This guide will show you How to Setup an Alert Profile on the Wholesale Portal.

An example of how this can be useful is when you need to alert a customer that their credit has fallen below a certain figure.

Setting up the Alert Profile

Click "Wholesale" then "Alert Profile".


For "domainName" enter your domain for example "".

For "description" enter a description for your company for example "Your Company - Providing Excellent Quality VoIP".

For "serviceName" enter your company name for example "Your Company".

For "fromAddress" enter your company email for example "".

For "subject" enter the subject of the alert email for example "Low Balance Warning" or you can leave the default of "Your {servname} account is low on credit - Please top up now".

For "webLink" enter your website link for example "".

For "topupLink" enter the link to the website where your customers can buy credit for example: "".

For "currency" enter your currency for example "GBP".

For "message" enter the body of your alert email for example here is the default:

Dear {servname} Subscriber,

Your {servname} account ({cardid}) is low on credit.

You have {credit} {currency} remaining on your account. You can topup your call credit by visiting the following link: {topuplink}

This email is sent when your balance drops below {lcv} {currency}. If you wish to turn off low credit notification or adjust your low credit warning level then please login to your {servname} account.

Best wishes,
The {servname} Team{weblink}


Setting up the Alerts on a SIP ID

After the Alert Profile is Setup then you will be able to use the "Edit Alerts" setting on the SIP ID.

That allows you to set "Min. Credit", "Email" and "Enable".

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