How to use Voicemail

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Voicemail is usually only available to accounts with the Silver or higher tariff, but on occasion is enabled on standard accounts. Please contact Customer Services for more details.


Your voicemail works by recording messages left by callers, then either emailing them to you in the form of a sound file, or keeping them in the voicemail "Box" until you pick them up.


To enable your voicemail, first click the Voicemail link on your main account page.

Select an account from the drop down menu. It will only display eligible accounts.


This will display the voicemail settings for that account.


Here are the options in more detail:

Voicemail PIN: This is the code you use to pick up voicemail messages from the voicemail box. The pin can be 4-6 digits long but will only appear as dots.

Email address: Type in an email address to be able to receive the voicemail messages to your inbox. An Email address must be entered to activate the voicemail.

Ring Timeout: This is how long, in seconds, you wish calls to ring before being sent to voicemail.

When you have set up your voicemail, click Activate or update to finish.


Using the voicemail

To listen to messages, you can either have them emailed to you (See above) or call your voicemail inbox, which works in a similar way to a mobile phone voicemail.

From your handset, dial 9200. When required, type in the PIN and listen to the menu to select options such listen to messages, or record your greeting.

When recording the greeting, you will have the option to recording an unavailable, busy or temporary message but please note only one can be used for your "main" greeting.

The voicemail will only record messages that are at least 3 seconds or longer and contain audio throughout. Please bare this in mind if you are testing your voicemail.

If you are away from your VOIP phone but still need to check your voicemail, you can call the external voicemail number. Dial +44 (0)20 7043 9200 from any traditional telephone, then Dial your Voiptalk account (or "voicemail box") and the PIN when prompted.


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