How to configure an Aastra handset for a Voipoffice Extension

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When configuring a new extension, you will need the following;

The extension number, ie 1001
The extension password, or "Secret"
The voipoffice IP address.

If you do not have this information, contact your IT admin.

Once you have the above information, make sure the aastra handset is connected to the network.

Select the Spanner key, then scroll through to "Phone Status > IP and MAC Addresses > Enter and make a note of the IP address

On a PC that is connected to the same network as the phone, in the web browser type the IP address of the aastra handset.

On the Login screen use the following details:

Username: Admin
Password: 22222

Once you have logged in, go to "Line 1" in the Left side menu and type in the following details

Screen Name & Screen Name 2: Enter a value of your choice
Phone Number Enter your Extension number
Caller ID: Extension Number
Authentication Name:Extension number
Password: The Extension "Secret" password.
Proxy Server: Enter the voipoffice IP address
Proxy Port: Enter 5060
Outbound Proxy Server: (Leave blank)
Registrar Server: Enter the voipoffice IP address
Registrar Port: Enter 5060


When you are sure that you have typed in everything correctly, click "Save Settings," in the Main menu go to Reset > Restart Phone> Restart, or alternatively, log out of the configuration page and reboot the handset.

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