Creating a Rate Plan

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Rate Plans allow a customer to user a set amount of minutes to make their calls instead of credit. Rate plans can allow calls to any destination or only Certain ones such as Landlines or Mobiles, but the Wholesale portal does not allow Multiple Rate plans.

Log into the Wholesale Portal and select "Tariffs > Create Rate Plan


Enter a name, Expiry date, and the amount of minutes you wish to allow in the plan.

Once created, the screen will show your new rate Plan. Then edit to add the destination numbers. Destinations can be selected from the Add Destination menu, then click "Update. Please note that you may then have to enable further options regarding certain numbers. When you have added the numbers you want, click Update.

To add a rate plan to an account, Log into the customer Account details


Click "Edit Rate plan" from the left side menu. You will be asked to select your new plan from a drop down menu.

You can create as many plans as you need, but please note that you cannot add more than one to a customer account.

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