How to Configure a TP-Link TD-W9980 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router

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The TP-Link TD-W9980 can be configured for ADSL or VDSL (Fibre). Please ensure you follow the appropriate instructions for your service. You will need your broadband welcome email to follow along with this guide.

  1. Connect a computer to the router using an ethernet cable or the WiFi connection.

  2. In your internet browser go to:

  3. The default login details for this router are:

    For username enter "admin".

    For password enter "admin".

    Click "Login".

  4. Click "Quick Setup".

  5. When the Quick Setup - Start page appears click "Next".

  6. Choose your region and time zone and click "Next".

  7. Choose xDSL Modem Router Mode and click "Next".

  8. For "ISP List" choose "others" and click "Next".

  9. For "L2 Interface Type" choose "VDSL" for Fibre or "ADSL" for ADSL. For ADSL please ensure you enter the VPI and VCI values given in your welcome email.

    Please make sure you choose the correct type. Choosing Fibre if you have ADSL does not give you Fibre. Connecting with the wrong type may cause your connection to slow down for 24 hours until the setting has been corrected. If you're unsure if you have ADSL or Fibre please contact us.

    For a Fibre connection make sure you tick the "Enable Vlan ID" option and enter "101" as the ID. Click "Next".

  10. For "Connection Type" choose "PPPoE" for Fibre or "PPPoA" for ADSL. Click "Next".

  11. For the "Username" and "Password" use the details provided in your broadband welcome email. Click "Next".

  12. For the 2.4GHz Wireless settings click "Next".

  13. For the 5GHz Wireless settings click "Next".

  14. Confirm your settings and click "Save".

  15. Wait for the setup to complete. When it's complete then click "Finish".

  16. Now we need to disable SIP ALG. Click "Network" then "ALG Settings".

  17. Find "SIP ALG" and choose "Disable". Click "Save".

Congratulations you have now successfully configured the Modem Router.

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