How to Install and Configure the VoIPOffice CTI Client (Version 3.0.033)

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This guide will show you how to install and configure the VoIPOffice CTI Client (Version 3.0.033).



Download the ZIP file "" using the link below.

Download Link:

Go to your downloads folder, right click the ZIP file, choose "Extract All".

A new window will open. Click "Extract".

The files will now extract.

When the extraction is complete you will see the files (as shown below).

Double click on the setup file.

If you are prompted to allow this app then choose yes.

The installation welcome screen appears. Click next.

Choose agree to license and click next.

Acknowledge the program directory and click next.

Choose all users and click next.

Acknowledge the working directory and click next.

If you have purchased a license then select "Install License", input your license key and company name if you are a business user or your own name if you are a personal user. Finally click next.

If you are trialling the software, choose install without license, choose pro edition and click next.

Tick the "Install CTI Client TAPI Connector" option and click next.

Acknowledge the shortcuts and then click next.

The software will now be installed.

When the installation is complete press the close button.


If prompted to enter your phone and modem information, fill in the information that is relevant to where you are. For a standard setup, choose United Kingdom, 020 and Tone Dialling, then click OK.

Click on OK for the remaining Modem related windows that are open.

The installation process is now complete. You're ready to configure the software.



Open the CTI software by double clicking on the desktop shortcut.

You'll be presented with the software. Click on "Telephone Configuration".

Click on "Select TAPI Device".

Select VoIPOffice on the left, choose Line 1, then click OK.

Enter the AMI details for your VoIPOffice (IP Address, Username and Password).

You should be able find these details in your AMI details email or your CTI details email.

Do not use the default IP Address of 192... - make sure you use your own VoIPOffice details.

Do not use the details that you can see in the pictures for this guide.

After you have entered the details click on Connect and then click OK.

Choose your extension number from the "Channel" drop down list.

After you choose your channel, other details are filled in automatically, then click OK.

Untick the Outside Line Access Code (to disable the outside access code) and then click OK.

Click OK to close the configuration. You have now configured the CTI software.



If you are using the CTI software to integrate with software for example ACT CRM Software then choose the VoIPOffice CTI as your TAPI adapter within your CRM Software Settings.

Here are instructions on the ACT knowledgebase which show you how to select your TAPI driver:

If you need help configuring your CRM software please refer to the support and documentation of your CRM provider.

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